Pas a pas on va bien loin The Old Stocktonians’ Association
Important News

At the recent AGM, it was decided that The Old Stocktonians’ Association will come to an end on its centenary (24th January 2013). A decision on the disposal of funds was put to a vote of the members and three resolutions were proposed.

Voting for the disposal of the Life Members and General Fund ended on 31st October 2012 and the result is as follows -

Resolution 1: Use for prize fund & Benevolent fund - 15 (fifteen) votes (55.6% of the votes cast)

Resolution 2: Use a donation to charity - 9 (nine) votes (33.3% of the votes cast)

Resolution 3: Use for developing and evolving the OSA website - 3 (three) votes (11.1% of the votes cast)

A total votes received of 27 (including the 4 proposers) represents 13% of the 212 membership which is disappointing but I think this reflects the level of interest over many years.

As the appointed ‘Returning Officer’ I therefore declare that Resolution 1 is the winner.

Bob Ward, Vice President